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After lock down, our distance with public space and each other is changing in such a short time.

I attempt to find the unchanged matters that move us before and after pandemic time.


An outburst of covid-19 epidemic reached Scotland during March 2020. Universities decided to shut down the buildings promptly, suddenly all the students were packing their works, tools and materials as if they are fleeing. A week before, we were having exhibition openings and workshops; a week after, we started another living style and were genuinely afraid of the contagious air outside our window. I spent almost every minute in the flat I lived in and stopped my usual daily businesses especially for those which required getting out. The restrictions were somehow similar to the way I had put myself in a certain environment doing nothing, and they also reminded me of the waiting process, only I could not decide when to stop the waiting. This time, we were waiting for the moment to be safe and free again which no one really knew whether it would come or not, and we were forced not to give up the waiting, in order to survive.

When the Virus Dies in Sealed Packages
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