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2020 February - March

Art, Space and Nature MFA 2nd year solo project

Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK 

The act of waiting is to find a point that would change the original status of waiting, to end the waiting, or to initiate a new segment of waiting.

In our perception of reality, time is a continuing process which we split into countless segments. In order to make the endless process productive (or bearable), people mark periods at almost every moment and constantly look forward to crossing them. When we go to bed, we wait to fall asleep; when we sleep, we wait to wake up. We create these cycles, we follow them, until our eventual death. The restriction of human limited time not only makes our lives meaningful; it also outstands the subjective cognition of now, which constitutes the concept of duration, and of temporality.

The exhibition Marking Time (2020) is a review to various ways to approach or define the character of time. The works are presented as various media such as prints, sound/space installation, video, or performance, and all followed with a piece of letterpress printing poem alongside.


Five works are created in this project, each of them stands for a unit of time, which can indicate a complete cycle or a certain duration, such as a day, a week, a second, or a sentence, a drop of water.


The juxtaposition of the works creates a context between constructed time frame and our present conscious. By making audiences to wait or spend or waste their time at the exhibition site in a non-productive way, these processes to experiencing durations tackle our interpretation of time.

Documentation Photos Credit: Harmony Jane Bury

Waiting for Dawn

Digital Image Loop

The end of night

Or the beginning of day

Should you get up and start the day

Or fall asleep at once

Every Wednesday Is a Brand New Day

Collected Items, Letterpress Printing on Craft Paper​ (W:29.7cm, H:21cm for each piece)

There is a short moment on Wednesday morning

Everything is spotless clean

Until someone take the first step out

Then we start to wait

For the next Wednesday

Receipt For Now_30.jpg

Receipt of Now


Performance/Installation, Woodcut Printing on Receipt Paper

(W:10cm, H:19cm for each receipt)

Every second spent

Is a souvenir of the passing moment

Which will never come back

A Drop of Water

Sound Installation (Collected Items+Water [Solid/Liquid] )

How long does it take?

For a drop of water to drop


How long does it take?

For an ice to melt


How long does it take?

For a river to arrive to an ocean


How long does it take?

For H and O to bond


What does that time sound like?

Without Planets

(A Response To The Book ”Katie Paterson” ISBN: 978-3-7356-0261-9)

Collected Items, Screen Printing on Japanese Shoji Paper

(W:59.4cm, H:84.1cm for each piece)

If there's no space between words

If there's no full stop at the end of sentences 

If there's no planets in the universe

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