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Receipt of Now


An ongoing project based on the metaphor of 'time being a currency' that we can spend, or exchange. 

First created for Art, Space and Nature MFA 2nd year solo project during 2020, showcased as performance and installation in "Marking Time" Solo Exhibition. 

In 2022, it had been developed into a new version as an interaction work for "Never the Same Forest" solo exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan. 



Performance / Installation  行為 / 裝置

Clock, Auto-numbering Stamp, Artist, Woodcut Printing on Receipt Paper (W:10cm, H:19cm for each receipt),

Dimensions Variable

Every second spent

Is a souvenir of the passing moment

Which will never come back


This work emphasises on the concept of passing moment. It was presented as a performance and became an installation afterward. In the performance I stamped on a roll of receipt paper every two seconds (due to my physical ability) with autonumbering stamp, until the receipt paper ran out at no. 265. Receipt is the prove of purchasing, which in this work stands for the time we spent in exchange of our sense of existence. Moreover, receipt is not the thing we buy, and that thing can never be returned as what we had spent. Every number I stamped is merely a vague figure to create an idea of the amount of moments, which again, is a unit we invented to describe and separate “now.”



Interactive Installation  (人工)互動裝置 

Woodcut Printing on Receipt Paper Roll, Cutting Device, Double-layer Receipt Book, Auto-numbering Stamp, Pen, Calendar

Dimensions Variable



1 在Receipt of Now 作品檯面上抽出喜歡的長度,撕下來。

2 來到交換收據的檯面,在收據本中尋找空白的頁面。

3 用力蓋下數字章,填寫今日的日期與此刻的時間,然後簽下您的名字。

4 交換完成,如此一來我們就擁有彼此人生當中的某一刻了。

Would you be willing to exchange my past with your present?

How to exchange:

1. Tear “Receipt of Now” on the opposite table.

2. Find an empty receipt in the receipt book.

3. Stamp on the receipt with strength, fill the date and sign on the receipt.

4. Then we both have one moment of each other’s life now.