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Every Wednesday Is a Brand New Day


2020 Created for Art, Space and Nature MFA 2nd year solo project,

showcased in "Marking Time" Solo Exhibition, Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

In 2022, the work had been developed into a new version which includes the story about artist's life under lockdown in Edinburgh during COVID, as part of  "Never the Same Forest" Solo Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan. 



Installation  裝置

Collected Items, Letterpress Printing on Craft Paper (W:29.7cm, H:21cm for each piece),

Dimensions Variable

There is a short moment on Wednesday morning

Everything is spotless clean

Until someone take the first step out

Then we start to wait

For the next Wednesday

Every Wednesday morning, a piece of paper is slipped into my mailbox claiming the cleanliness of stairs in my building. If I leave my flat early enough, I get to sniff the smell of surface cleaner and step onto the damp floor. Week after week, I start to look forward to these small papers and the upcoming of a spotless stairway. This work is a restructuring of common items such as the tags from cleaning company, A4 craft papers, and cotton threads that hold them together. By combining these items, I attempt to change the meaning they represent. A tag can be the official announcement of a new time cycle, and the date printed on A4 paper can be the mark of art time.




On-site Installation  現場裝置

Collected Items, Letterpress Printing on Craft Paper

Dimensions Variable

The pandemic had become out of control two weeks after this work was exhibited. Lockdown had been declared, and we started our life of working-at-home. These small pieces of papers had disappeared too. It was already June 2020 when a new piece of paper showed up again. I noticed the layout of it was changed, and they put their website on it! I was excited to see my little old friend back in my mailbox and was happy to see the cleaning company is still there after this dreadful pandemic.


Documentation Photos Credit: Harmony Jane Bury (2020), Tatsuro Mizutani (2022), Hsin Shyu.

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