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Waiting for Dawn


Digital Image Loop

Art, Space and Nature MFA 2nd year solo project

First Showcased in "Marking Time" Solo Exhibition (2020), Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

Later exhibited in "Disorientation" (2021), SLY Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

Waiting for Dawn showcased in "Marking Time" Solo Exhibition (2020)

The end of night

Or the beginning of day

Should you get up and start the day

Or fall asleep at once



Waiting for Dawn (2020) is a video piece which shows me sitting in the gallery and wait for sunrise. It was shot with time-lapse photography but played in the speed of real time. Just like me in the video, the audiences wouldn’t know how much time there is before dawn when they start to watch the video, and they have to wait with me if they really want to see the dawn. The so-called video is actually hundreds of pictures change every twenty seconds. During the twenty seconds, audiences couldn’t know what exactly I was doing until next picture. That waiting process is formed by hundreds of static images and the calculation of our own brain, which then create the experience of real time. The form of this work implies the way we deduce our world, but not what the world is really like.

Waiting for Dawn showcased in "Disorientation" (2021), SLY Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

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