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Reflective writings and documentations inspired by my life and journeys in Scotland.



I am not the children of mountain, nor of ocean;

I am something in between.


I came from an island but am no more of an islander than city folk.

The things running in my subconscious are hustle and bustle,

heat of vehicle exhaust, and stink of acid rain with industrial dust.


I am fond of natural landscape but never truly familiar with it,

I adore plant and animal but could be one of them even if I want to.


I am a being of my own, as we all are.


Perhaps that is why Scottish landscape is so mysterious and distant to me.


During my two years in Scotland,

I have stood at the edge of cliff,  sit in a forest full of moss,

and slipped on snow in early spring.


There is no resemblance between the natural environment here and

my subtropical homeland Taiwan.


However, as a total stranger,

I get to view Scottish land and water in a fresh perspective.

These reflective texts run along with the shifting of my inner status

as I gradually dwell myself in the environment.

Heather 石楠 
Lewis and Harris 路易斯與哈里斯島 
Howling Deer 鹿嚎 
Blackwood 布雷克森林  
Dawn 黎明 
Lockdown 封城
The End of Spring 春的臨終
Last Summer before Going Home 歸前之夏 
High Street 高街
Scottish Strawberry 蘇格蘭草莓
Art, Space and Nature 藝術、空間、自然 
Workshops in the Basement 地下室的工坊
Ever Since Gutenberg 自從古騰堡後
Maker's Guide in Edinburgh 愛丁堡自造指南

Updating from time to time.


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