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A Place Without Dust


Performance Documentation, Installation


As a part of Residency Solo Exhibition "The Necessity of Occasional Boredom" (2023), this work was created and exhibited in Art Site of Railway Warehouse Hsinchu City.



The title of this work came from a Buddhism poem “As there is nothing from the first, where does the dust itself collect?” However, the idea of this work actually came from the dusty studio in Art Site of Railway Warehouse. The flat surfaces in the studio start accumulating dust in just a few days. Constant maintenance is required, albeit almost futile. That is exactly the kind of act which is “boring but necessary.”


During my endless dust-removing, I thought about the poem and how it can only happen in an ideal world but not this material world. If there’s literally nothing in the world, not a single dust would be there for sure. However, “nothing” is never the case of our environment, dust is the proof of existence, the existence of us and everything. In the end, a place with dust can only be inside spiritual space or maybe in clean room.

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