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In Between


On-site Installation, Screen printing onTracing Paper

(W:40cm, H:40cm for each window)

"REMNANTS", Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

Chasing the sun, stepping on rocks, walking along trees.

Between light and dark; solid and void; black and white.

Things that fill every interstice, space, and place.

From point to point, those things are in between.

This work reflects my inner status while walking in the forest. During a field trip to Scottish Highland, I went into this so-called Caledonian Forest. The forest has remained its appearance as a woodland for more than a thousand years, although interfered by all kinds of external force. It therefore was without the tidiness of artificial maintenance or any clear path. There were full of lives and breathes in the forest. I couldn’t tell my location, so I followed the sunlight and took every step carefully. The air was filled with whispers from the trees, lichens and mosses. I recognized that I was genuinely “in” the forest. I was surrounded by trees and the tiny organisms living around them. Even for the spaces between things which seemed empty was actually containing light, breeze, wave, and all the particles that I couldn’t name.

這個作品是關於我在森林行走時的狀態。在一次旅行中我進入了蘇格蘭高地的原始森林Blackwood of Rannoch,這個稱作Caledonian Forest 的林地,儘管無可避免地受到各種外力介入,千百年來始終維持著森林的樣貌,不曾作為其它用途使用。它毫不整齊,沒有路徑,充滿各式各樣的生命。走進這樣的森林中,完全無法辨識自己的位置,我只敢循著陽光的方向走,感覺四周的樹木以及在他們身上滿滿攀附著的苔蘚似乎正在竊竊私語。隔天我爬上山,才發現蘇格蘭的山竟是光禿的,三月底仍有積雪,遍地礫石,風強勁又寒冷,而植物無法長到人的高度;放眼的一切都比我低矮,是真正的走在山的表面上,我就像一針會移動的大頭針,孤挺挺地把自己插在山上再拔出來。我忽然很強烈地意識到在森林中的我是在森林「中」,受到樹木的環抱和微小生物的窺視,而在那些看似沒有東西的空間中,是各種光線與氣息的包圍,以及不知名的物質與粒子穿梭其中。

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