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A Drop of Water


Sound Installation (Collected Items+Water [Solid/Liquid] )

Art, Space and Nature MFA 2nd year solo project

First Shown in "Marking Time" Solo Exhibition, Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK 

How long does it take?

For a drop of water to drop


How long does it take?

For an ice to melt


How long does it take?

For a river to arrive to an ocean


How long does it take?

For H and O to bond


What does that time sound like?


We are overly used to live by the clock time, so much that we may not even remember the spontaneous rhythms. The forming of a water drop is one of the earliest ways to measure time, long before people invented a standardised construction time for every worker who cannot be late. Unlike the clock, water dropping is the joint force of natural elements such as temperature, gravity, and surface tension, therefore it is not as controllable as one expect although ideally it should be. This work is a use from the inaccuracy of natural material. As the melting of ice cube is influenced by multiple effects, the sound of dropping water turn into an unpredictable tune, just like raining.

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