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Without Planets
(A Response To The Book ”Katie Paterson” ISBN: 978-3-7356-0261-9)


Collected Items, Screen Printing on Japanese Shoji Paper

(A1, W:59.4cm, H:84.1cm for each piece)

Art, Space and Nature MFA 2nd year solo project

First Showcased in "Marking Time" Solo Exhibition, Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK 

If there's no space between words

If there's no full stop at the end of sentences 

If there's no planets in the universe


This work came from the whimsical arrangement of punctuation marks in artist Katie Paterson’s Book. In her book, every full stop is replaced by a sign of planet but without a fixed order. I was intrigued by its delicate ingenuity thus marked out all the words before Saturn signs to see if there’s any pattern, or any possible reason to put Saturn signs in the end of these sentences. It turned out that my action had led me to an unintentional focus. In order to collect every Saturn sign in the book, I spent hours scanning every sentence and full stop. I realised that just like time, language could not function without separations. The interpretation of sentence takes shape, or can be finalized, when we see the full stop; the definition of word is determined by the space between letters; the process of creating meaning is completed by the duration between signs and marks. As a result, the work is one print with all the letters from words before Saturn signs in same distance, and another print with separation marks which can map with the letters then reveal the words on the other side.

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