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On-site Installation, Collected Items

(W:100cm, H:50cm)

Pop-up exhibition "Primordial Islands", Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

Tidepool is what most organisms depend on for surviving after waves are gone and there’s no water nor nutrition supply. It’s a little ecosystem of its own and almost independent. Without tide pool, species in intertidal area could not survive under the constantly changing humidity and saltiness.

The work “Tidepool” is a first reflection to my personal status when I had just moved to Edinburgh. At first, the most challenging thing for me in terms of surviving is cooking, to feed myself. I use seaweeds, sand, and instant noodle to create a dish refer to the meaning of “tide pool” to myself. For me, those organisms are trying so hard to adapt the harsh condition between high tide and low tide, I should also be able to live well in this unfamiliar environment.

The work was installed as a dining table outside Tent gallery in Edinburgh College of Art, as a spot where people could sit down and look at all other works in the gallery. It was also a metaphor to people who are eating alone, they always need some thing to look at, sometimes a screen, or other people.

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