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a for Acceleration


Short Film

"SHIFT", Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Edinburgh, UK

The train has left the station, but no one knows where it's heading to.

People are building rails continually, praying to keep the train on the way.

Accelerating, accelerating, accelerating…exponentially.

What’s after then?

“a” is the scientific symbol for calculating acceleration. This work is a metaphor for the current situation of all human and the environmental crisis. In order to show the sensation and emotion about losing speed, the work was presented as a short film goes with a piece of music expressing the feeling of accelerating. When music become stronger, more complicated, and with more noise, the video goes faster and faster, until we can’t see it clearly anymore. The work was in the yearly exhibition hosted by Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation and Art, Space and Nature programme of ECA, University of Edinburgh.

Music Composer/ Hsin Shyu

Footage/ Multiple free resources

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